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intellistyle9   (open in a new window)

We should all stick together
We should all stick together. I don't like it when mega corporations, wall street, and the 1% owns 40% of the wealth. We should care about one another and aim for a better, more peaceful society with equal opportunities to education for all. More access to knowledge tools, health, jobs, and professions. We should help each other live in a world worth living. It shouldn't be a barbaric free for all...

21 years old | Brooklyn, NY, USA

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danbucks   (open in a new window)

in this time and age is so important to look after all people rich and poor and fight for those with no voice

40 years old | Aylesbury Vale, United Kingdom

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joshthesocumist   (open in a new window)

Hello, So I am an Aware eighteen year old who is tired of wading through Gay male libertarian muck on other sites. I want to find someone who is an actual human being with compassion and shares my values. I spend my time talking about politics with my other socialist and communist friends and I also play World of Warcraft, while socially criticizing it of course. I love being an advocate as we...

18 years old | Irvine, CA, USA

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ramnita   (open in a new window)

27 years old | Bangalore, India

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wolfx   (open in a new window)

24 years old | Rural Area, NY, USA

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year1   (open in a new window)

34 years old | City of London, United Kingdom

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jerrellthadude   (open in a new window)

Looking for a generally nice woman/bestfriend
Love fishing,internet,movies,go out every blue moon,love the reggae bars I am into outdoors alot,I love to see what i havent already I am open to new things I'm very logical,a lil humorous I hate drama,despise negativity I'm a stay to myself person.I like plants alot,I like nature walking,I like going to the beach but mainly to fish,I am understanding and i can relate to people really well.I'...

28 years old | Daytona Beach, FL, USA

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goagreg   (open in a new window)

Share...they always said...
I've been a socialist since my time in high school. My last novel, "Revolution American Style" is the tale of a yoga teacher and a stripper who accidentally start a revolution in Los Angeles that quickly brings down the government and brings socialism to the United States. At the moment I'm working on formulating a new philosophy that re-works ideas from various realms in a way that avoi...

52 years old | Anjuna, India

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cyberquaker   (open in a new window)

Time-traveler seeking companion.
I'm Chris and I have lived in the Chicago area all my life. My friends describe me as intelligent, compassionate, and easy going. It takes a lot to get me angry, and I can get along with anybody. I love all animals, even ones some people think are ugly. Comedy holds a special place in my life, because as long as it's funny enough, it can bring me out of any bad mood. I am looking for someone to...

23 years old | Chicago, IL, USA

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chaionlife   (open in a new window)

Still trying to figure this one out and learn more about it.

24 years old | Brooklyn, NY, USA

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